The Story of Redmond House

Redmond House was built in 1914 by W.J. Redmond.

A history of William John Redmond, as excerpted from the Maple Creek History Book:

WILLIAM JOHN REDMOND was born May 1, 1879, in Toronto, one of a family of six. His parents had emigrated from Ireland in 1874.

Before the age of 18, he had travelled to Europe twice on cattle boats. As a teenager, he was apprenticed to the printing trade, leaving the Peterboro Morning Times for Western Canada in 1899. In Regina, he joined the R.N.W.M.P. and arrived in Maple Creek in 1899. He was with the Mounted Police for nine years, the last five as Sergeant.

On Christmas eve 1901, he and LILY MAE LYNN were married in Maple Creek. In 1902, he was one of a 24-man contingent selected to represent the Mounted Police at the Coronation of King Edward VII in London.

In 1909, he left the Force, and purchased the Maple Creek News, which he published and edited for 45 years, retiring in 1954.

William John Redmond was a charter member of the Maple Creek Oldtimers Association, and was mayor of Maple Creek in the years 1914, 15 and 16,
1920, 21 and 1931 through 1935. His wife predeceased him in 1934. William John died Sept. 16, 1957, and both are interred in the family plot, Maple
Creek Cemetery. Children, all born in Maple Creek: HENRY LYNN – born Sept. 8, 1904, died Oct. 1967; JOHN EDWARD “BUD” – born June 3, 1906, died Dec. 20 1943; THOMAS – born and died Sept. 1916.

History of the Redmond House Property (309 Marsh Street)

This is a chronological history of the above property. The original property comprised of Lots 16 and Lot 17, Block 35, Plan C4681, in the Townsite of Maple Creek, each lot being 50 feet in width. The northerly 25 feet of Lot 15 was acquired in 1946, so this history will be split into two parts. Firstly, as to Lots 16 and 17:

Plan C4681 was surveyed by Jacob Lonsdale Doupe, Dominion Land Surveyor, who worked as a surveyor in the Land Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. The plan was completed on November 29, 1904 and registered in the Assiniboia (a division of the North West Territories) Land Registration District on December 14, 1904. On that date, the first title (No. EF219) to Lots 16 & 17, Block 35 was issued in the Assiniboia Land Registration District to four gentlemen who served as CPR townsite trustees.

On February 14, 1905, the title (No. EN33) to Lots 16 and 17, Block 35, was transferred to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. There is no value given on the title. When Saskatchewan became a province on September 1, 1905, Maple Creek fell within the jurisdiction of the Moose Jaw Land Registration District and the title number was changed to No. 7-248. The title to Lots 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17 (No. F67) was transferred to Andrew Caswell, ‘rancher’ on August 18, 1913. The value is given as $1,600. On that very same day, the title to Lots 16 and 17 was transferred to William John Redmond, ‘editor’ (No. F68). The value is given as $600. Title No. F68 was transcribed to Title No. RC71 in 1915 when the Swift Current Land Registration District was formed.

The first title (No. EF219, Assiniboia LRD) to Lots 14 and 15, Block 35, was issued to the said four gentlemen who served as CPR townsite trustees on December 14, 1904. The title (No. EQ89, Regina LRD) was transferred to the Canada North-West Land Company Limited on March 29, 1905. At the owner’s request, because there were numerous lots on the same title, a replacement title (No. 28-124, Moose Jaw LRD and No. MS249, Regina LRD) was issued on April 21, 1908. Another replacement title, No. BS235, Moose Jaw LRD, was issued on January 19, 1912. The title was transferred to Andrew Caswell, ‘rancher’ (No. F65), then to Thomas Crichton Armstrong, ‘real estate broker’ (No. F66), all on the same date – August 18, 1913. Title No. F66 was transcribed to title No. RC70 in 1915 with the formation of the Swift Current Land Registration District. The two lots were ‘sold for taxes’ on December 1, 1930 to Lynn Redmond (son of William John Redmond). It appears he had rights as the tax purchaser, but did not actually hold title to the land. He relinquished his rights as the tax purchaser on August 21, 1942 and on July 7, 1943, the Town of Maple Creek acquired title to the property (No. UT179).

W.J. Redmond acquired the northerly 25 feet of Lot 15 (title No. WV147) on April 20, 1946 – the value given is $12.50. Mr. Redmond held both titles (Nos. RC71 and WV147) until the date of his death, September 16, 1957, at which time they were consolidated on title No. AGO53 and transferred to his daughter-in-law (wife of Lynn Redmond), Adeline H. Redmond, ‘housewife’. The value is given as $7,000.

Mrs. Redmond held title to the property until November 10, 1972 when she sold it to Edward W. Burrows, farmer, and Florence Josephine Burrows, housewife, both of Robsart (title No. 72SC11344). The value is given as $18,500.

The title changed hands again on November 17, 1986, to Michael Delorme and Judy Delorme (No. 86SC14083). The value is given as $89,000.

The Delormes sold the property to Malcolm Rawlings and Linda Maud Rawlings (new title No. 94SC11981) on October 20, 1994. The value given was $93,000. On November 23, 1999, the Controller of Surveys issued a Consolidation Plan, No. 99SC14347, where Lots 16, 17 and the northerly 25 feet of Lot 15 were consolidated and became Lot 23. A new title, No. 99SC14347AG, for Lot 23 was issued. When the new Land System came into being in 2002, Lot 23 was assigned the unique Parcel number 142010334, and the title was digitized and given the new number 121169943.

– Roger L. Morrow, SLS (Retired), CLS (Retired)